I won’t go not knowing.

I won’t go not knowing.

Even though I sometimes fear

That I will pass like a mist

and no one will remember that I was ever here.

Still: I’ve walked where kings walked and stood in the shadows cast by millennia. I’ve tripped on cobblestones and wandered through echoing marble halls.

I’ve sat where the greats once sat and been humbled by magnificence; in the works of men, in the works of nature.

I’ve crossed over oceans and been above the clouds. I’ve wandered in lands in which no fathers of mine have stood. I’ve seen bullet holes in walls and blood stains on floors, held the remains of tragedy and the memories of those who came before.

My loves have crossed nations and my heartbreaks do not know borders

My conversations with friends span Los Angeles and Sydney, Sao Paulo and London, Beijing and Baltimore…

When I miss them I miss across oceans, across wires, down cables and mobile phones…I’ve lived outside my birth nation and call many places home.

I’ve never had much money, never had what society calls ‘success’. Probably won’t ever own a home and I’ve mostly been unlucky in love.

But.. I’ve been blessed with friends and I have lived, I’ve only memories to show for it, but I really have lived.

So whenever it is that I go, I certainly won’t go not knowing.


~ by benephobia on March 1, 2014.

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