He who provides.

God will provide.

Well no, he won’t, because he isn’t real.

I’ll tell you some things that might though:

I will provide, because I planned ahead, because I worked so that I could provide. Because I’ve spent 6 years at university, I did that work, I did the research and the cramming, I studied for exams and I passed them, God didn’t do any of that.

I will provide because when I was ill and being crushed under the weight of a chemical imbalance in my head, I sought help, I listened to a psychologist and I took the medication they advised I take. God did none of this.

So, science will provide, because scientists studied the brain and it’s chemistry and found a way to deal with my particular brain quirk. Science will provide, because people of science studied nature, aerodynamics, computing and meteorology, built aircraft, radar and radio and sent satellites into space and now I live in the UK. God had nothing to do with this.

My friends will provide. Because they care about me, because they have compassion and empathy, and because that is what friends do. They have seen me at my best, and endured me at my worst. Yet they are there, as I am for then. When i was drowning in grief, in solitude, in anger, when i was adrift and aimless, when I was wracked with self loathing and self doubt. My friends were there, it was they who provided. ‘God’ was nowhere to be found, but one can’t blame the non-existent for non existing.

My family will provide. Because several hundred thousand years of biological programming silently guides how parents address their children. Because they are good and kind people and they love me as i love them,  as our shared bond matters, we make it matter by our choices and by our actions. We do this, we make the choice to love. God has nothing to do with it.

Humanity will provide. Because it isn’t God who digs survivors out from beneath the rubble of a tornado, earthquake or some other natural disaster. It isn’t God who sacrifices their time, their money and in some cases thier lives to suspend suffering, or to save lives. It’s not God that drives the ambulances or uses the scalpel.  It is not God who stands up to the injustices wrought on man by other men; it is not God who then forgives those who do the wroughting.  Humans save, humans sacrifice, humans stand up and it is humans, not God, that possess the capacity for forgiveness.

God does none of these things, because god is Zeus, Horus, Zoroaster and Thor. God is Isis, Mithras and Baal. God is a myth, God is not real. God will not provide, because he cannot provide, myths do not feed the hungry, no amount of belief makes something a fact.
We do these things, you and I, we the people that live on this planet. We condemn, and we save.

Humanity, isn’t it time to own your shit, the bad and the good?


~ by benephobia on August 2, 2013.

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