Sentimentality and inanimate friends.

Today is a melancholy day, for today I farewell a pair of long standing and loyal companions.
We were introduced through a friend of mine about a decade or so ago now and we have been travelling companions ever since.

They’ve protected me against burning sidewalks and sand in Australia and from countless beer, spit and god-knows-what-else covered stage floors in the same. They were all that kept my feet from being drenched and frozen on a snow covered Great Wall of China, though their grip was less stalwart on the steep ice-encrusted steps. They’ve accompanied me on flights to and fro as I’ve lived the life of an expat for most of the last decade; we’ve walked the streets of London together on happy days, and less than happy ones. We gazed in awe at the great masters in the Louvre and marked time waiting in an endless queue under the Eiffel tower. They helped keep me dry wandering the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Ostia and amongst the ruins in the eternal city itself.

To say we’re close is an understatement, but, as with many things in life; age has caught up with them and I’m just doing both of us a disservice by keeping them on. It’s time I let them get a rest and let another pair do the legwork, or foot work.

It’s been real guys.



~ by benephobia on July 31, 2013.

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